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How we gather our prices to validate your offering:

Over the last 4 years we have been gathering prices from the market and populating our many databases from all interactions with our clients and suppliers. We input this data into relevant sections, brands, generic brands and this will give us a market average/best market price and this is how we validate pricing. ( We have been busy updating our databases recently spending on average 30 hours per week of manual input). Yes, we will use your prices to populate our databases, No , we will never share these prices with anyone and this is to solely keep the information rolling.

In this month’s edition we give you over 100 prices so that you can easily verify your current offer. Supply chains have been very erratic over the last number of month’s but some signs are emerging that we aren’t seeing daily price increases like we had previously. This is not to say we have seen the end of this and we do expect some more fluctuations as we move towards quarter 4 of the year.

Supplier Insight

As a new service we are bring you some new Supplier Insights monthly( these can be found at a later date in our Supplier Section on our website www.treo.ie.

This month we have a piece from MCL Fire Solutions.



From Fire Extinguishers, Alarm Systems and Suppression Systems to effective Signage and specialist solutions, MCL Fire will ensure you have the necessary equipment, supplied or maintained, and certified in full working order. MCL is here for all your fire safety needs, below we have showcased some of the services that MCL can provide for commercial kitchens.

Ansul R-102

Ansul fire suppression systems are fixed extinguishing systems and are the Number 1 Global Protector for commercial kitchens. They are designed to quickly detect and suppress kitchen fires using advanced extinguishing agents specifically designed to effectively combat kitchen fires and limit damage so that the kitchen can be quickly up and running again once the fire has been safely extinguished.

MCL Fire / Ansul Kitchen fire suppression systems ensure a far safer working environment for kitchen staff and can significantly reduce the insurance costs of industrial and commercial kitchens through the automatic detection and extinguishing of canopy and range fires

The MCL Fire team is available to offer free advice, answer any questions, and provide a free quote/solution for an effective system. Our service is provided throughout Ireland, so you can also call Alan Busteed on 0858019650 or email alanbusteed@mclfire.com to discuss a range of fire suppression solutions to potential risks.

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